With the knowledge of the many advantages of plastics in the technical field, paired with an environmentally conscious way of life in the private sense, it was both a concern to share their knowledge and curiosity. As is so often the case, the facts have to be checked more closely and statements about things cannot simply be made at first glance.

That´s why Peter and Herwig started the blog “Plastic Hubbub”


Aware of the careless handling and the resulting environmental impact of plastics, it was always Peters concern to highlight also the positive aspects of plastics and and the benefits for the environment. During his studies, he could acquire a broad knowledge of the sustainability of plastics.
It is important to him that people find a differentiated view of plastics and consider more precisely whether it is better for the environment with or without plastics.

Peter studied Polymer Science at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. Besides he worked at the Institute of Polymer Product Engineering and was engaged in additive manufacturing.


During his PhD time, he started the blog “Find Out About Plastics” which focuses on current topics of the world ‘made of plastic’ combined with scientific facts and tools to use in your daily engineering & corporate life. For him, natural and synthetic polymers provide us an improved standard of living and helping people understand this fact is one of his missions with this new founded blog.

Herwig studied Polymer Engineering and Science at the University Leoben, Austria and did his PhD in the field of polymer injection moulding of drug delivery systems at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria.